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Infinite Art      by Philipp Liedl
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Infinite Art 1

What is Infite Art?

Infinite Art is based on the idea of combining separate single paintings into a new larger picture. This way a bigger unit emerges from several small units. As the stones of a mosaic or pixels of a computer screen combine to complete the picture, the paintings of my Infinite Art series can be combined to become a greater entity. Due to the various possibilities of combinations, fractal, self repeating picture worlds arise, and can be continued infinitely.

The formats of the paintings are chosen in a way to enables almost each possible combination. The material of the single paintings can be canvas, wood, metal or even glass. Also the art techniques are various, ranging from painting and collages, to photography. With specially designed spacers, the depth of the picture is kept equally independent from the depth of the picture material itself. The surface of the picture combination forms one plane, and the spacers give the appearance of the image floating in front of the wall.

Using an innovative system for mounting the pictures they can be easily rearranged. This way the viewer is involved in the creation of the art work and becomes part of the whole creative process.

© 2012 by Philipp Liedl